Spring Grove on the easel tour

Nestled in the comfy reading area of the Spring Grove Public Library, readers will find a colorful portion of SELCO’s traveling art exhibit, easel, or Experience Art in Southeastern Libraries.  Due to limited space and with a show of great community collaboration on yet another joint library – art gallery project, a portion of easel is also on display at the Bluff Country Artists Gallery.  SELCO staff and SEMVA representatives installed the easel exhibit on May 23 and it will remain in Spring Grove through June 14. Check out more  pictures of the easel exhibit at the library and the gallery on SELCO’s Flickr page.

During this time frame, SELCO will conduct a library tour and visiting public libraries in Chatfield, Mabel, and Spring Grove on Thursday, June 2.  If you are interested in joining the library tour, contact Angie Taylor at the SELCO office.


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